We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Wordpress.

We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Wordpress.


    WordPress website speed optimization service

    Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services enables you
    to provide the very Best User Experience Possible

    We speed up WordPress Sites making it some of the fastest Websites in the entire World

    At WordPress Wolves we provide expertise in WordPress site speed optimization to help your business website to solve performance issues and offer the best possible user experience. We provide you with the speed and feature-rich website that will enhance the user experience for your website visitors. We put our focus on creating a stunning website and enhancing user experience and for that, we give importance to performance. Our right set of optimization techniques will give your website a new boost. Contact us to get your site ready for improved SEO, user experience and brand image

    Why do you need WordPress SEO for Website?

    Speed Audit

    In detail Analysis and audit of the site’s speed to find out the issues hindering its performance.

    WordPress Cleanup

    Eliminate unused code and old posts to reduce the unwanted burden that is slowing the site.

    Image Optimization

    Image Optimization increases Website speed by making it lightweight.

    Database Optimization

    Curtailing all the unwanted data will optimize the database of the WordPress website.

    DNS Prefetching

    Preloading required data will reduce the DNS resolutions that the browser has to make from the external domains.

    Browser Caching

    Rendering the browser caching to save and reuse files will trim down the page load time for the repeat visitors.

    Cache Reloading

    Enable cache preloading to have the cached website up and ready to be crawled by search engines.

    Page caching

    To store saved copies of images and files for fast access we substantial website speed boost with the page caching.

    Fonts Optimization

    Reduce the HTTP requests for the fonts used on the website will speed up the loading time.

    GZIP Compression

    Reduce the size of the files sent from the server for increasing the speed at which they are transferred to the browser.

    Lazy Loading

    By enabling this feature will trim down the initial load time makes images load as the visitor scrolls down.

    How we Work

    Site Analysis

    Our expert developer team ask the client to share their WordPress website for complete analysis.

    Issue Identification

    To optimize the site’s speed, our WordPress developers will fix every single issue.

    Maintenance and Support

    To make sure that the WordPress websites function smoothly and continue to match the performance standards, we are available 24*7 at your service.


    Once we have all the required information then it will take 3-5 business days to work through the entire process but often we fix the root cause of your speed problems within 24 hours.

    Our service covers a single site and if you need help with more than on-site then you can adjust the quantity at the time of checkout process. We can offer a bulk discount if the work is on a large number of sites.

    Before we get to work, we always take the complete back-up of your website so if we see any major change with potential downtime risks then we will discuss with you before they happen.

    More broadly, here are the things we do:

    WordPress Best Practices Review & Optimization

    Over time, the site has been worked by several people so it’s important to review the entire site and hosting configuration.

    Browser & Page Caching Configuration & Tuning

    Caching makes a huge difference in your WordPress site speed. Every site is different and each needs to be customized. You’ll also find that many of the improvements that speed test tools on the web recommend such as removing query strings from static elements can actually create problems.

    Database Optimization & Cleanup

    If your site is running since long there may be garbage in the database that slows down the site speed. Our services include cleanup and optimization of your database to boost the performance of your site.

    Anti-Heartbeat Setup

    WordPress site where a lot of users are logged into at once might create a problem. We reconfigure your site heartbeat settings to erase this problem.

    Htaccess File Optimization

    HTAccess often contains code that is slowing you down or causing problems in some way. We re-examine your HTAccess configuration and ensure that it’s configured in a best practices format.

    404 & Bad Request Review & Repair

    It’s common to find spelling errors in code or some other causing images or break or bad requests to your server. We review all elements that your site loads to ensure they’re not timing out or resulting in a 404 error.

    Plugin Review & Pruning

    WordPress speed is highly affected by duplicated and outdated plugins. Multiple plugins are bad for speed as well as for your Google rankings. We review all the plugins and provide you with the necessary ones.

    Server Compression Tuning

    We find in many website servers that compression is not turned on by default. We ensure your server compression settings are tuned for enhanced performance.

    Before and After Reports

    Once the work is done we provide before and after speed snapshots that tell you exactly about the improvements made.

    Post Speed Fix Site Backup Provided

    After the successfully optimizing your site we give you a full backup. We do take daily backups while we are working on it.

    Image Optimization & Compression

    Image optimization is one of the most important elements on your website. We compress all images on your site and also resize wherever necessary.

    HTTPS - on our Business service

    The entire web is shifting to HTTPs as it ensures an encrypted transmission of data between website and visitors. It improves the render and load speed of your site. We migrate your site to HTTPS to boost up the speed. Google has stated that encrypted sites running in HTTPS will get slight rankings to boost.

    PHP7 upgrade (if compatible)

    PHP7 is the latest version of PHP and is 2-3x faster than PHP5.X which is the version of PHP your website is probably running (there’s no PHP6). This translates to approximately 0.5 seconds faster load time which is great for getting under that 1-second total load. Not all web hosts offer PHP7 yet and not all website themes and plugins support. In our speed optimization service, we run a PHP7 compatibility check and will upgrade your hosting environment to PHP7 if your site supports it.

    What Logins will you need from me?

    We need your WordPress administrator level password, FTP or Cpanel access and domain registrar login.

    In case you are not comfortable sharing your domain registrar login (which is completely understandable) we can give you the DNS servers to point your domain.

    Why WordPress Wolves ?
    • A team of professional WordPress developers with extensive expertise in speed optimization.
    • Our tailored service packages accomplish unique needs and ensure it is in the budget.
    • Fast turnaround time with HTML to WordPress conversions completed inefficient and timely manner.
    • Adherence to the highest quality standards and deadlines for the completion of the projects.
    • Agile delivery to ensure that there is no downtime while the speed issues of the site are resolved.
    • Cost-effective and competitively priced services to deliver websites that are a perfect match to the client's expectations.

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